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Popular Cemetery Flower Arrangements

Providing a visible token of your love and affection for those who have been lost is an enduring trend that has continued for centuries. From the ancient Egyptians who entombed their dead with a full entourage of gifts and valuables to today’s stunning cemetery flower arrangements, this tradition is one that will continue through the ages. While many cemeteries do not allow live flowers, there are plenty of options for silk flower arrangements that will add beauty and color to your loved one’s final resting place.

Why Only Silk Flowers?

Cemeteries need to be able to maintain the serene and peaceful look of the grounds in order to provide comfort to loved ones, and that means finding arrangements that will not litter the ground or scatter in different directions. Many cemeteries require silk flowers because they can resist fading for months while maintaining their fresh look and vibrant colors.

Types of Cemetery Flower Arrangements

Some of the most popular types of cemetery flower arrangements are headstone sprays, which are a large display that is draped over the headstone. You can also find memorial wreaths, vase bouquets, graveside crosses studded with flowers, floral bushes and even grave site pillows that provide a range of colorful flowers on display. If you purchase a high-quality vase bouquet or have a vase built into your headstone, you will always have somewhere to place a beautiful arrangement to commemorate the seasons of the year.

At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, many of the final resting places in our cemetery have the option of a memorial plaque or a vase on the headstone for the placement of flowers or flags. We also offer a Silk Flower Placement Service, so you can schedule placements of your preferred flowers throughout the year. This is particularly helpful for friends or family members living in a different part of the country. You may also place laminated notes as a part of your display. Contact us today at 480-832-2850 to learn more about this special service or to begin pre-planning your funeral today.

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