Columbariums are specially designed areas comprised of cremation niches (small compartments) that hold urns and cremated remains and family mementos. A columbarium may be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an indoor or outdoor setting. All of our mausoleums have columbariums with niches and private family columbarium’s are available as small as two niches and can stand alone.

Cremation BenchesMountain-view-74

Cremation benches with areas for the cremated remains are the perfect tribute in a peaceful outdoor setting. There are many designs that represent a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Glass-Front NichesMountain-view-75

Glass-Front Niches offer a unique and tasteful way to pay special tribute and preserve precious memories. There are glass front niches available in Desert Start Mausoleum. A brand new glass front columbarium was opened inside the Funeral Home Building where it is air conditioned and more comfortable.

Bronze CremorialsMountain-view-76

Bronze Cremorials are designed especially for families or individuals who prefer ground burial even when the option of cremation is chosen. An urn fits directly into the tamper-proof bronze memorial.





Current and Future Development
The large boulevard that is in between the in-and-out drive ways and parking lots, showcases the center of the cemetery and is directly in front of the Funeral Home and Cemetery Offices. It is available now for your personalized and custom designed Mausoleum to meet your families needs. You will see signs that are like the two shown in this page that shows our future development. This exclusive area will contain mausoleums that can be desgined to have as many family crypts as desired, columbariums with niches, walkways, a center fountain etc. The Coury family mausoleum directly to the south contains about 50 crypts and family mausoleums can be as small as 2 crypts.

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