Great people who really care about people. So thankful for everyone at Mountain View Funeral home and Cemetery.

Mary C.

Mountain View Funeral Home was absolutely the best resource when helping my family and I go through such a difficult experience of losing my mom. They are understanding, thoughtful and all around good people. They helped with giving our family great care so that we could focus on grieving and being together. I would highly recommend them to anyone going through the difficulty of losing someone they love.

Ryan B.

This place is a sanctuary. I wish I had the words of a poet to describe the sense of peace that I felt while visiting this place. It feels more like a garden or temple than a cemetery. Richard gave me a full tour and was very helpful. He takes an educative instead of a sales approach so that the family can make an informed decision and get exactly what they want for their loved ones who have passed on. They have everything you could think of here whether you're looking for burial or cremation, they have above-ground crypts both outdoors and indoors temp controlled, they have a section with above-ground tombstones which is rare these days, their service is top notch and beautiful grounds. Even if you aren't currently in need of funeral services it's worth it to visit this place for planning because it's easier to plan before hand than do guess work after your loved one has passed, even worse trying to plan during a time of grief.

Rex K.

The grounds are beautiful and a wonderful way to remember our loved ones. The staff and Elisa are amazing and super supportive in tough times. The owner Greg was helpful and professional. Quality at it's finest. Thank You.

Dan C.

I am privileged to work part-time at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. The grounds are beautiful, we work very hard to keep the grass green year round and gardens nice. My co-workers all treat me with respect and are very friendly. I love working here!

Christian K.

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