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Benefits Of Writing Your Own Obituary

Facing your own mortality is never easy. Writing your own obituary (also known as an autobituary) may seem like an exercise that brings the subject too close to home. After all, creating the very words that others will read after your death is about as stark a reality check as you can get. You may be surprised, then, to learn that this practice can actually be cathartic, and even enhance your life here on earth.

There are multiple reasons to take the time to write your own final goodbye. The biggest advantage is that you can ensure you’re remembered exactly how you want to be remembered. Consider this: according to History.com, Alfred Nobel (creator of the Nobel Prize) may have gotten a preview of how others viewed him – in time to change it. Rumor has it that Nobel’s brother passed away, and the newspaper accidentally published Alfred’s obituary. The problem is that the obit deemed him “the merchant of death” (as the inventor of dynamite and munitions factory owner). As a result, Nobel created the Nobel Prize and altered the way the entire world saw him.

Another benefit of writing an autobituary is that you can let everyone know just how you feel about them, in your own words. It’s a very personal way of providing closure and comfort directly from your heart. The process can be as simple or comprehensive as you wish. Create a long document in your computer, or jot down a few notes with pen and paper. There are no rules as to how many or how few thoughts you need to communicate.

Finally, writing your own obituary may actually inspire you to live more fully. Seeing your life story and accomplishments in black and white can serve as inspiration to do those things you’ve been putting off, whether that means careers goals, personal development, or traveling to another country.

Regardless of who writes your obituary, funeral arrangements are a necessary step in everyone’s journey. Contact our compassionate staff at Mountain View Funeral Home for help with Phoenix area funeral planning.

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