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If you’ve been to several funerals, you may have noticed that there are a broad range of caskets available on the market–from bronze, copper, steel to hardwood–and that they can contain elaborate designs on both the interior and exterior. Caskets can add to the cost of funeral expenses significantly, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for and the different types and sizes of caskets before you start planning.


Metal Caskets

Caskets generally fall into two categories: metal and wood. Metal caskets are available in stainless steel, copper, steel, and bronze and offer your loved one a permanent, non-rusting home for their earthly remains. Used for millennia to create monuments and sculptures, metal caskets provide a prestigious statement for your loved one and make a visual impact during a viewing but can add to the cost of funeral expenses significantly.


Wood Caskets

Wood caskets come in a wide variety of hardwood options including walnut, mahogany, cherry, pine, oak, poplar and even veneer. With the look of fine furniture, these hardwood caskets are often hand-rubbed with layers of finish to offer a rich and highly-polished patina. Pine, poplar and veneer wood caskets can help reduce the cost of funeral expenses as they are a cost-effective option that still provides the beauty of natural materials.


Cremation Caskets

While you can utilize an elaborate hardwood casket for a cremation casket, you may decide to use a more inexpensive cremation casket instead. A variety of styles and prices are available, but in general these caskets are sturdy and durable and made of solid wood and other composite components so they are fully combustible. Cremation containers are similar to cremation caskets, but may be only slightly more elaborate than the required cardboard alternative container.

If you need more information about caskets or questions about casket sizes, contact our team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. We can help you determine the cost of funeral services based on your particular hardwood or metal casket needs. We can also answer your memorial, burial and casket questions 24/7 on our hotline.

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