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Not every family is religious–in fact, more than 22% of Americans do not identify with any type of religion and consider themselves “unaffiliated” with faith backgrounds of any type. However, many traditional funeral services are firmly rooted in Christianity or other religious backgrounds, something that not everyone is comfortable with. Funeral planning services for a non-religious or semi-religious funeral are something that we excel at here at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in Christian, non-Christian and non-religious funeral planning services, and can help you create a meaningful and moving service no matter your faith background. Below are some elements to consider including in your service.


Musical or Dance Performances

There is something about music and dance that move the soul when performed from the heart, and having a reading, song, performed music in your favorite style–which can be quirky, humorous, moving and even spiritual without being overtly religious. This can also be a way to incorporate talented individuals from your community or circle of friends, something that always adds a special layer of emotion to a service for everyone involved.


Moments of Silence or Meditation

Traditional funerals may include a long or involved prayer, but for a non-religious service why not consider including a moment of silence? This offers an opportunity for individuals to celebrate their specific spiritual or religious needs in silence, while respecting all involved. This moment of collective silence can be led by someone closed to the deceased, and start with a comment requesting that others think of a happy moment that was spent together, and can be a very moving way to celebrate life together.


Final Thoughts

While religious ceremonies are often led by clergy, the entire service and final thoughts can be led by a family member, should they be up to the task. It’s good to remember that emotions can be running high during a funeral service, so it’s important not to put too much pressure on family members or the closest of friends. Allowing people to form remarks ahead of time can lead to a more polished final service for your loved one.

No matter which direction you take your final goodbye, our funeral planning services team is ready willing to answer questions and provide guidance–24 hours a day.

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