How To Plan A Memorable Funeral

There are two schools of thought when planning a funeral. The first is that it should reflect the wishes of the deceased. The other thought is that it is a time for mourners to grieve and have a chance to say goodbye. The question is, is one of these approaches better, or more appropriate, than the other?

Truthfully, a funeral or a memorial can combine elements of both the wishes of the deceased and those left behind. If your loved one has left specific instructions about how they would like to be remembered, they often will share that with a close family member or a funeral home. This can help to make the funeral or memorial that much more personal.

If no instructions have been communicated, the planning is left entirely up to the next of kin. In this case, there is the opportunity to arrange a service or gathering that provides personal meaning to family and friends as they mourn the loss of the departed.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, we have helped many people plan memorable and heartfelt tributes to their loved ones that perfectly reflect the needs of everyone. Here are some elements to consider when making arrangements for a funeral or memorial:

  1. Music: Personal music selections can set the tone for service and provide spiritual, intimate, and unique insight into your loved one’s favorite songs.
  2. Video: A video montage depicting your loved one during various stages of life is a special way to recreate fond memories and honor a life well lived.
  3. Passage readings: Some people choose to read scripture, favorite poems, or quotes that meant something to the deceased or that help those attending reconcile their loss.
  4. Eulogy/Biography: Eulogizing the departed is a mainstay of any memorial, funeral, or celebration of life. Providing a biographical history of the person’s life can shed light on his or her character and the impact he or she had on the world. A eulogy can be shared by a family member, close friend, or member of the clergy.
  5. Personal reflection: Giving time for family and friends to speak to the congregation can be both heartwarming and cathartic. You will want to have tissues on hand as this can incite some tears, both sorrowful and memorable.

If you are considering how you would like to be remembered or you are currently planning a service for a loved one, our staff at Mountain View Funeral Home is here to help you. For more information on the services we provide, please contact us here.


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