Pros and Cons of A Prepaid Funeral Plan

The costs of a memorial service and burial or cremation can be extensive, often adding a financial burden and stress to families during a time of deep sadness. One way you can offset that concern is to create a prepaid funeral plan, with all of the details for your service pre-selected for their convenience. While planning your own funeral may be difficult, it guarantees that your final arrangements will happen exactly as you desire.

Benefits of A Prepaid Funeral Plan

Aside from ensuring your wishes are taken into account and saving your loved ones from financial distress, there are several key reasons why prepaying for your funeral may be right for you. Essentially, you are paying today’s rate for a funeral that will be held at some point in the future. With rising costs and inflation, you’re likely to pay less overall for your funeral than you would have paid if you waited.

Prepaid Funeral Risks

While prepaying for your funeral does have many benefits, there are some limited risks involved, too. For instance, you should be sure that you’re able to transfer your funds to a different funeral home if your plans should change or your family moves. Depending on the plan that you create with your funeral director, some expenses may not be fully covered at the time of your funeral. Items such as flowers or the cost of placing your obituary may be greater than your plan covers, for instance. There is also the possibility that you may need the money between the time you make the purchase and when the funeral occurs.

There are several options that you can pursue to prepay for your funeral expenses. You could open an insurance account and name your preferred funeral home as a beneficiary, you can create a bank account that will be specifically used only for final expenses, or you can work with your local funeral home on a prepaid option. Whether or not you decide to move forward with a prepaid funeral plan, you can rest assured that our friendly team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery are always available to answer your questions.

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