What You Need to Know About Home Burials

Home burials used to be extremely popular throughout the world, and continue to be a part of rural life for many Americans. However, there are some additional considerations around home burials that you need to keep in mind as you’re making your final arrangements. While you may not need all of the elements that are required for a traditional cremation or burial, there are legal requirements that could prohibit or require specific actions.

Home Burial Requirements

There are a few states, such as Washington, Indiana, and California where families are prohibited from burying their loved ones on private property. There may be additional permits or licenses that are required in each state, so it is best to check with your county clerk before making your final arrangements. In general, you are not required to use a funeral director or embalm or further preserve the body. However, you are still liable for creating and filing the death certificate and will likely need to request a permit for transporting the body — even if you’re only traveling within your state.

Caring for the Remains

Caring for the remains of your loved one starts with washing the body and preparing it for eventual burial. You will also need to obtain some additional products such as a casket, headstone and perhaps even an outer burial container. You will have to either dig the grave yourself or have this work done for you, as well as potentially lining the grave to prevent cave-ins. Once your loved one’s body has been placed in the grave space, you will need to replace the soil and provide ongoing maintenance of the burial site.

Even if you choose not to have a home burial, you might decide that a home funeral feels right for your family. These options provide you with alternatives to a traditional service that may be more comfortable for your friends and family members. If you have questions about funeral laws in your area or the steps that you would need to consider before deciding on a home burial, contact the caring professionals at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery at 480-832-280 or via email to wecare@mvfuneralhome.com. Our staff has decades of experience answering questions for grieving families and will provide you with the consideration that you deserve during this emotional time.

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