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Writing a memorable eulogy is truly a labor of love. You must keep in mind not only the personality of the deceased, but also the audience to ensure that you fully acknowledge the importance of a life well-lived and the impact of the legacy that was left behind. While public speaking may not be in your comfort zone, remembering that you’ve been given a tremendous opportunity to celebrate a precious life can help you get past the personal fear and into a more positive mindset. If you need assistance, one of the best funeral homes in the Valley, Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, can assist with answering questions about writing eulogies.Rememb

Personal View

In general, eulogies come in two flavors: a short biography or a personal view. Think of a personal view as a snapshot, or a slice, or someone’s life from a particular perspective. This might be a good direction to go if you are having multiple eulogies as you’ll get a kaleidoscope of thoughts that can layer together and build a beautiful picture of the deceased. Writing this type of tribute as if you are speaking directly to your loved one can be particularly poignant and touching, and often includes a series of remembrances. Jot down personal stories, asking others for clarification where your memory may be muddy to ensure you’re capturing the entire picture. Mountain View Funeral Home, as one of the best funeral homes in the Valley, can support you by providing sample eulogies and direction in case you get stuck.

Short Biographies

Building a short biography covers all aspects of an individual’s life. It and often touches on happy stories or points of interest along the way. Don’t feel as though this has to be dry, however. Include funny stories and times when the deceased brought love and laughter to life as these are the times that will help family and friends heal.

Just as with any good writing, a eulogy should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Sharing is caring, and with your closing you should search carefully for the words that will sum up the life of the deceased to bring everything together. Five minutes is a good time for your speech, so rehearse it to be sure you’re not significantly over that time frame. Delivering your eulogy at the best funeral homes in the Valley, Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, can be very straightforward as our friendly team will allow you into the room early to ensure that you’re fully comfortable with the space.

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