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Losing a loved one can be devastating and filled with all of the grief, emotion and physical pain that a human being can be expected to withstand. It can give you lasting comfort to know that your loved one is close to hand in some earthly form and many people visit final resting places of their loved ones every year. Tips for memorials at a cemetery:


Easy Identification

Knowing that you can quickly and easily identify the final resting place of your loved ones by finding their memorial grave marker can make you feel as though you are coming home. Grave markers for the cemetery are generally identified as either flush or upright and are generally cast from bronze so they will last through the ages.


Flush Markers

Cast from bronze, each flush marker is a handcrafted work of art that combines an ages-old casting process with the latest available technology. Flush markers are often used not only for burials in the ground, but also to identify remains held in a mausoleum. The possibilities for design and size are virtually limitless, but these markers are meant to lie flush on the ground or against a solid surface. Some sections of our graveyards may require a flush marker, learn more by speaking with our knowledgeable staff.


Upright Markers

Memorials that are meant to stand up and stand out from the ground are considered upright markers. Your imagination is the only limitation; and these three-dimensional memorials are allowed in many parts of Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, although not all of them. Upright memorials, or monuments, may be a mixture of granite and bronze, and are also meant to last for hundreds of years and withstand significant weathering. Upright memorials offer many more options such as flower cups or vases and artistic borders or designs.

Shared memorials are also an option, with families often choosing to add both of their names to a particular memorial. When you’re ready to learn more about your memorial options, reach out to a trusted advisor at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. We are available 24/7 and welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.

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