Which Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral?

Most people have a variety of questions when attending a funeral: what to wear, what to say to family members who have lost a loved one and what (if any) type of food to bring to visitation. One question in particular seems to be universal: How do I decide which flowers to send in remembrance? Fortunately, our experts have the answers that will help you make an appropriate decision based on your relationship to the deceased.

Sympathy Flowers or Funeral Flowers

Depending on your relationship to the departed and the wishes of the family, you may elect to send a sympathy arrangement directly to a family member’s home in lieu of providing an arrangement to the funeral home for the service. Sympathy flowers or plants are smaller and often designed to be used as centerpieces or on end tables. You may elect to send plants such as peace lilies, orchids, hydrangeas or ferns that will be a lasting remembrance for the family.

Traditional Funeral Flowers

While lilies are the most common flowers for a funeral, expressing the purity of the departed soul, gladioli are also used quite frequently. Both large flowers present a stunning accent when used in fan sprays or other large arrangements. They are elegant and hold a sense of tradition. Two other flowers that are often used are carnations and chrysanthemums, often in white or light pink to denote friendship, innocence and warm feelings.

Funeral Flowers for Loved Ones

When you lose someone you love passionately, the feeling is very strong and needs adequate representation by the flowers you select. Deep reds or pinks in a variety of flowers such as roses, carnations and gladioli denote the depth of your devotion to your loved one. In general, lighter colors are often used to represent softer forms of love, such as that of siblings or close family members. Red roses are generally saved for spouses, children, parents and grandparents or anytime that feelings run especially deep.

It’s most important to note that there are no “wrong” types of flowers to send during this emotional occasion. What is important is that you select an arrangement that speaks to you, and to your feelings for your lost loved one. If a simple spray of daisies feels “right” to you, follow where your heart leads! Need help finding local florists or other resources for a Phoenix area funeral? Learn more about available options online, or call our compassionate team members at 480-832-2850.

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