Cost Of Cremation | What To Consider

When considering options for final interment, many people wonder about the cost of cremation. While there are many factors involved, the cost of cremation is almost always significantly less than what you would pay for a traditional casket burial. This is just one reason why many people choose cremation when making funeral arrangements.

What is Included?

At Mountain View Funeral Home, the cost of cremation typically includes the following associated services:

  • Ordering an original death certificate, plus additional copies
  • Obtaining required paperwork releasing the body for cremation
  • Transporting the body from place of death to our on-site crematory
  • Pacemaker removal (if needed)
  • Body cremation
  • Memorial Urn

Additional Options

While the above-mentioned services are standard, there are certainly other options available. You can also include a visitation, funeral or memorial service. If your pre-cremation plans involve visiting hours and/or services, you may incur expenses for casket rental and disposition of the cremains (ashes). If you choose final disposition at Mountain View Funeral Home, there are options for burial in a columbarium or a smaller gravesite. Of course, if you decide not to bury the cremains, there are no cemetery costs involved.

The cost of cremation is ultimately based on the choices you make. But, in general, cremation is considered a less expensive solution if budget is an issue and personal or religious beliefs do not dictate your decision. At Mountain View Funeral Home, our funeral directors will work with you to help you select the best options when preplanning your own funeral or if you are making arrangements for a loved one.

Contact us at Mountain View Funeral Home if you have any questions or would like to meet with one of our funeral directors. We are a family owned and operated funeral home and cemetery and have been serving the local community since 1951.



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