Creating A Moving Tribute Video

Eulogies are often hard to make, especially when you are in an emotional state. While it is still customary to say a few words, when you really want to show the heart and soul of a deceased love one, video can be an incredible help.

Whether a slide show set to music or a montage of clips from home videos, you can create a loving tribute to your loved one. Here are some tips to help communicate the words you may have trouble expressing:

  1. Collect photos/video clips: Review your own images and video, but also ask close family and friends if they might have anything unique to share.
  2. Ask questions: You may not have lots of time to “interview” people on camera, but you might want to ask others for special memories that can help to capture the departed’s life story.
  3. Include special mementos: Taking photos of personal memorabilia can also contribute to the story of your loved one. Did they have a prized keepsake? A favorite hat that they always wore? Special items that connect friends and family to their lost loved one can be tender and heartwarming.
  4. Mix up the special effects in your video: Of course, a simple slide show is nice. But including some motion effects can provide an engaging sensory impact. If you are not an experienced video maker, enlist the help of special software or a computer-savvy friend to make the video unique.
  5. Consider your timeline: Organizing your photos and images to create a chronological storyline is a powerful way to watch your loved one’s life unfold. Start with baby photos and then move forward through the years to the most recent photos that you have.
  6. Add captions: Many images speak for themselves, but sometimes a caption can add meaning. If appropriate, adding some humor or a running theme throughout the video can add a cohesive effect.
  7. Include a title page: It can be as simple as your loved one’s name and the years of their lifespan.

One last note about funeral tribute videos: Depending on the kind of service, memorial, or life celebration you are having, there may be multiple occasions for you to play the video. It is probable that people will want to see it again as a way to fondly remember their love one.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, it is our honor and privilege to help families as they plan for a loved one’s funeral or memorial. We understand the desire to make things special and memorable. Contact us here for more information on how we can help you.




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