Creative Funeral Ideas: Hosting a Memorable Event

No matter what makes your loved one unique, you can creatively celebrate them during their funeral in a way that will bring a smile to faces while reminding everyone of their contributions in life. Here are a few creative funeral ideas that you can build upon to plan a memorable event.

Create an Interactive Event

Part of the joy that can be found at any large gathering of family and friends is the shared stories that come to light. Why not take advantage of that and capture these stories for the family of the departed? Creating a memory book or tree is a simple yet elegant way to allow guests to share tidbits of memories, favorite sayings and thoughts with loved ones.

Incorporate Favorite Activities

If your loved one was a super-fan of a particular sport, look for ways to incorporate their team colors or logo into some of the decorations for a memorial celebration or the funeral itself. You could request flower arrangements to be a particular shade or use their team colors for the ribbons. Even a small table set to the side with collectibles and information about their passion is a great way to bring personality to the event. Subtle or not-so-much, there are plenty of ways to have fun with this type of theme idea.

Explore the Outdoors for a Creative Funeral Service

There are many ways you can weave the outdoors into a creative funeral. One is by incorporating water elements or beautiful trees in a peaceful and relaxed setting. While outdoor services can be a bit challenging due to the weather, there are also options such as tents that could be worked into the plan that brings the feeling of being outdoors without the discomfort for some attendees.

Finding the right funeral and memorial service for your loved one does take planning and consideration. Getting started on your funeral plan early allows you to have a greater measure of control over this final event to celebrate your contributions to the world. Want to learn more about advance funeral planning? Contact the considerate individuals at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery today at 480-832-2850 or via email to

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