The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Cremation

You’re likely familiar with two options for handling remains following a loved one’s passing: burial and cremation. A third option called direct cremation is becoming more common in the United States every day. When direct cremation is chosen, the remains are cremated in the days immediately following death. There is no visitation, no service, and no monument, and remains are usually spread or memorialized by loved ones left behind.

Direct cremation is chosen thoughtfully for a number of reasons:

  • The cost is as little as a sixth of the cost of traditional services as there is no need to pay for embalming, a casket or monument, the service itself, and many other expenses associated with a traditional burial service
  • Direct cremation is often considered more environmentally friendly as there is no disruption to the earth through the process
  • Your loved one’s remains become ashes, which are mobile. This means that if you choose to move away you can take your loved one’s remains with you instead of inserting time and space between the monument and burial site and your home

Some people choose cremation because they worry about the burial of their remains and find peace in that decision. Direct cremation is also a great choice for families who are far apart and unable to come together for a service.

However, it’s important to consider the cons associated with direct cremation to make an informed decision. Sometimes it can be difficult to grieve appropriately without a service, which can provide comfort and closure. The lack of service can also take away an opportunity to come together and celebrate the life of your loved one. Finally, some people find comfort in having a burial site and monument to visit after losing a loved one, so you should consider thoughtfully how direct cremation may impact those left behind.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery provides direct cremation services in Arizona. Our compassionate staff has helped thousands of individuals and families make these sensitive decisions regarding their remains, taking into consideration all of the factors that might influence their choices. For guidance through these challenging and very important decisions, contact us today; we’re eager to help

  1. Jeremy Estes says:

    Cremations climb as one of your best options in the U.S. More people choosing cremation than burial. Direct Cremation is a simpler process for families to deal with.

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