3 Reasons to Choose a Local Family-Owned Funeral Home

Choosing a funeral home is one of the first things you’ll do when you learn a loved one is terminally ill or has passed away. The funeral home selection happens early in the process because they can assist with the rest of the arrangements, easing the burden and allowing you to spend more time with loved ones when you need their company the most. A local family-owned funeral home comes with a myriad of benefits that give you the time and support you need to begin the grieving process and find peace in this difficult time.


A more affordable option

People often choose an organization with a large online presence for funeral preparations and burial, not realizing until much later that these national “chain” funeral homes are often more expensive than a local funeral home. Going local can help you conserve resources and choose the very best for your loved one.


Convenience when it matters

When you’ve lost a loved one and arrangements need to be made, convenience becomes incredibly important. Being able to connect with the right people at the right time or swing by the funeral home in between other obligations can make a world of difference. When you choose a local family-owned funeral home, you get the benefit of convenience, and subsequently, more hours in your day to handle the most important things on your plate.


Investment in their work

Despite the very sensitive nature of their work, big box funeral homes take a big risk every time they hire a new employee. Like all employers, they do their due diligence and then hope for the best – that each employee will be caring, compassionate, ethical, and committed to client satisfaction. But, there’s always a risk that new employees won’t accurately reflect the mission and vision, which could negatively impact the client along the way.

Your local family-owned funeral home is a personal investment of the owners. They’re invested in their work and committed to their clients, which means you and your loved one receive compassionate, dedicated care throughout the process.

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