Family Funeral Service | What Not To Do

A family funeral service is one of the most solemn occasions you can attend. Because of the nature of this event, it can cause some to feel people uncomfortable. You attend because you want to be supportive, but you may not be sure of what to say and what to do. This is perfectly normal. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we want to offer some guidance so that you can understand what is acceptable–and what is not–when you attend a family funeral service.

  • Don’t feel the need to fill silence with words. If you are not sure what to say, that is OK. A comforting nod, a reassuring look, and/or a gentle hug of support is always appreciated.
  • Don’t ask the family for details of the deceased’s passing at the funeral. There will be a better time later, but it should be at the discretion of those in mourning.
  • Don’t wear bright colors unless otherwise specified. While each family funeral service is different, there are some universal rules about attending a funeral. Respect should always be extended to the deceased and his/her family. You don’t have to always wear black to a funeral, but darker, subdues colors are preferred. Think tasteful and conservative.
  • Don’t forget to silence your mobile phone. In fact, put your phone away entirely during the funeral. Texting does not show proper respect.
  • Don’t sit in the front unless you’re close family. Generally, the first few pews on each side of the venue are reserved for very close family members. Be respectful and move back a few rows. Once you’re settled in, stay there unless you cannot keep your composure.

While a family funeral service can be a very emotional time for families and friends alike, by keeping these helpful tips in mind you can be a supportive presence — providing love and strength without being intrusive. If you have questions about funerals, feel free to contact our friendly and empathetic staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery.

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