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Some people are intimidated by any topics relating to death, and would avoid a conversation with a funeral director with all of their might. However, understanding the various funeral services that are available for your loved one is a good first step in a healthy grieving process. Our caring and compassionate funeral directors can answer all of your questions about various funeral services, and ensure that you are only offered options that are within your overall budget.

Types of Funeral Services

Understanding the difference between a funeral and memorial service is important. While many traditional funeral servicesinclude an indoor spiritually-focused memorial service that is often proceeded by a visitation or viewing of the body and ends with interment, norms continue to shift. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we are focused on meeting your needs–no matter what they are.

Funeral or Memorial Service

The terms “funeral” and “memorial service” are often used interchangeably to indicate the time that family and friends come together to celebrate the deceased, before interment or cremation occurs. Regardless of the name that is selected, this is a time of remembrance–through song, prose, poems and spiritual inspiration–whatever it is that reminds you of your loved one.

Visitation or Viewing

One of the most flexible funeral services options that many funeral homes offer is the ability for family and friends to drop in and visit with the family or say a final private goodbye to their loved one. Slightly more relaxed than the formal funeral or memorial service, the visitation often includes a slideshow of photos or videos of the deceased, and is a time of storytelling and sharing love. Far-flung families renew their acquaintance and cousins greet one another as long-lost friends. Many families are so spread out that funerals and weddings have the feel almost of a family reunion, and nowhere is that more true than during a visitation period.

Often the final funeral service that is performed is the interment, or ground burial, of the body. We will work closely with your family to ensure that we find exactly the right location for your loved one to spend eternity. We offer a full range of grave memorials and remembrance options for your convenience as well.

When you visit Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, you can always be assured that you’ll get quick answers to your questions.

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