What to Consider When Selecting a Gravesite

Are you selecting a gravesite for yourself as part of the funeral pre-planning process or making a decision for a loved one? Keeping these considerations in mind will help you find a final home that meets your space and religious requirements while also staying within appropriate rules, regulations and a cost structure that you can afford. Selecting a final resting place doesn’t have to be a sad occasion, but instead should be a process of finding exactly the right location for family and friends to visit in the future.

Rules and Regulations

From a limitation on the size and type of casket that may be buried in a particular location to limited hours for visitation, there are rules and regulations in place within many cemetery locations. Some cemeteries allow only real flowers and decorations must be removed in a timely manner, or require that families provide for care of the cemetery plot. Still other cemeteries have limitations on the types of gravestones or markers that can be used — sometimes due to visual requirements, while others are practical and due to ground that tends to sink under the weight of heavier stones. 

Spiritual or Military Affiliations

When you’re considering a gravesite, it’s important to keep in mind any additional concerns such as religious affiliations or military service. There are very strict laws around military service and who is allowed to be buried in federal cemeteries. Contact your local Veteran’s Department or work with your funeral director to determine which cemetery spaces would be appropriate based on your needs.

Location and Space

Finding a centrally-located cemetery can be important for visiting friends and family. Is the tranquil beauty of the space likely to be changed with surrounding construction in the future? Equally important is whether there’s enough physical space for additional family members near the plot. It can be challenging to find a large enough grouping of gravesites, especially if you wish to plan for future generations. 


Reputable funeral homes will work closely with you to stay within your stated budget, while finding the best alternatives that fit your personal requirements. However, there can be unexpected costs such as opening and closing the grave, burial liners and permits. There are also a wide variety of options for headstones and markers to fit within any budget.

Selecting the ideal gravesite ultimately provides your friends and family members a feeling of peace and comfort when they visit. Our patient and understanding funeral directors and staff will work closely with you to ensure that this important decision receives the consideration that it deserves. Contact us today at 480-832-2850 to learn more about the beautiful onsite cemetery options at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery

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