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Cremation is rising in popularity in America, and the variety of ways that you can store final remains also continues to grow. Whether you’ve chosen cremation or entombment, you may want an option that allows your family to visit your remains after you pass to provide comfort to those who remain. Columbariums and a mausoleum perform similar functions in that they both store remains; however, there are several differences between the two.



There are three main types of mausoleum: indoor, outdoor or private. Indoor mausoleums are often air-conditioned spaces that offer an opportunity for family to stop and visit with their loved ones on comfortable benches. Our New Wall of Peace II includes a gated meditation area with a lighted water featured. Options for entombment include waterfall niches, wall niches and cenotaphs.


Chapel Mausoleum

Mountain View Funeral Home has a unique option for families interested in indoor entombment in our Desert Star Chapel Mausoleum–a large and beautiful structure that provides an elegant yet affordable option for families. Indoor worship services as well as graveside and committal services can be held within this sacred space.


Garden Mausoleums

Outdoor mausoleums are a way to feel in tune both with your loved one and with nature, with open-air structures that provide a lasting remembrance option. Mountain View offers four garden mausoleums: Hope, Prayer, Faith and Charity–and each adjoins a garden of the same name.



Selecting cremation does not limit your options for entombment or interment. Your cremains can be safely stored in a columbarium and will offer your loved ones a lifetime of comfort. SImilar to a mausoleum, a columbarium offers wall spaces, or “niches”, which are much smaller and are the perfect size for a cremation urn and even some family mementos. Columbariums are often included as part of a mausoleum or can be standalone private family structures.

Selecting a final structure for your entombment does not have to be confusing. You may want to consider how your family will be visiting as well. If they are more likely to be visiting in the long summer months, an indoor and air-conditioned space may be a better choice. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to answer any questions and provide you with all of the options that Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers for your final resting place.

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