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While cremation is becoming a more popular option in America, many people still have concerns when their loved one selects this option for their final disposition. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we have a full crematory onsite as well as our mortuary, so we offer a variety of options for your loved one. A question our professionals hear a great deal is how families handle visitation after a cremation–families are comfortable with the idea of visiting a cemetery, but are unsure about how they can feel close to a loved one who was cremated. Here’s some ideas for memorializing your loved one after a cremation, so you can keep that feeling of closeness all the years of your life.

Decorative and Personalized Urns

While ceramic, metal and wood urns are popular, nearly any kind of urn you can imagine is possible. Cremation urns can be personalized with decorations for your favorite hobby, sports team, type of music, pictures of a loved one and so much more.

Remembrance Jewelry

Personal remembrance jewelry, or Keepsake Jewelry, is a beauty memory of a life well-lived that you can wear and pass down for generations. Another option is Fingerprint Jewelry–which doesn’t contain ashes but does have the actual fingerprint of your loved one that you can wear close to your heart. Whether you select several matching pieces to share among family members or a particular item just for you, personal remembrance jewelry is a fantastic way to memorialize your loved one after cremation.

Mausoleum Interment

If you want a physical location that family and friends can visit after your loved one’s service has been completed in the mortuary, consider interment in one of our mausoleums. Mausoleum interment offers many of the benefits of ground burial in that you have a physical location to visit your loved one, and a beautiful and peaceful setting in which to commune.

There are hundreds of other ways to memorialize your loved one after a cremation, these are only a few. When you work with the friendly and knowledgeable mortuary staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, you’re sure to find just the right option for your special someone. Contact us today to learn more.

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