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While no one wants to write an obituary as it means that a loved one has passed, having everything that you need together before you begin can make a difficult and emotional task much simpler. Both a great honor and a great responsibility, writing an obituary can be quite stressful if you are feeling unprepared. Our obituary services can help you write an obituary that will provide an overview of a life well-lived.


Many obituaries start with the deceased’s full name and any titles, and includes details such as the date, location and sometimes even the cause of death. After information about your loved one’s death, a brief statement or two about their birth including birth order, names of parents and siblings and location of birth. This introductory material helps set the scene as you prepare to paint the picture of their life.

Life Story

Often told in chronological order, it may be helpful to start by jotting down details that you can then weave together into a comprehensive story about your loved one that everyone will enjoy. This is a great time to incorporate feedback from others–if your memory is faulty or even just to make them feel included in the process. If you have questions or need obituary services, contact our free 24-hour answering service at Mountain View Funeral Home.

Surviving Relatives

Once you’ve told the story of their life, it helps to pull together the obituary to show how life continues–and this starts with surviving family members. Talk to friends and family to be sure you’re capturing everyone in this paragraph. When your mind is confused it is easier than you might think to forget someone critical, which could result in unnecessary feelings of hurt.

Special Thanks

Take a moment during the obituary to say thank you to people or organizations who helped make your loved one’s life special in some way. Caregivers, relatives and professionals are all appropriate people to mention in this space.

Including many or all of these pieces of information can help you craft an obituary that you can be proud of and that will incorporate many of the details that you want to remember from your loved one’s life. When in doubt, feel free to utilize our obituary examples to answer questions or provide you with additional details.

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