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As a Phoenix memorial mortuary, Mountain View Funeral Home is dedicated to caring for the your needs and those of your loved ones. One of the questions we are asked is if a funeral is possible for someone who has made the selfless decision to donate organs or their entire body for medical or scientific purposes. The answer, of course, is yes, you can still have a funeral. In fact, there are many ways to memorialize someone who has made organ or body donations. But, first, let’s address the option of organ donation.

Who Can Be An Organ Donor?

Even individuals who are of an advanced age or not in the best of health are very likely to be able to donate organs. Depending on the donation type, it’s important to note that there are very few medical conditions that immediately disqualify an individual from being a donor. Doctors will make that determination at the time of your death. Knowing that up to 50 lives can be impacted by organ donation is a powerful incentive to consider this option.

Impact on Your Funeral: Organ and Tissue Donation

In reality, the impact on your funeral will be quite minimal if you donate an organ or some of your tissue. At our Phoenix memorial mortuary, you will find that there are no limitations on an open casket wake or funeral for organ and tissue donors. Even in the case of bone donations, rods are inserted and the body is clothed, so it is unlikely that the donation will be visible during the course of a standard funeral.

Impact on Your Funeral: Body Donation

Of course, if you elect body donation, there will be a more significant impact on the funeral. Most people in this situation opt for a memorial service as there is no casket or cremation urn. However, if you want to include the traditional elements of a funeral service, it is possible to do so.

If you have additional questions about how organ, tissue or body donation will impact your final arrangements, contact our knowledgeable and caring staff by calling 480-832-2850, or stop by our Phoenix memorial mortuary at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery to learn more.

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