Selecting the Ideal Cemetery Plot for Yourself or a Loved One

There are many factors to consider when selecting a cemetery plot. This includes location of friends and family members, cemetery rules and regulations, and details about the plot itself. There are also several types of cemeteries from which to choose, such as public cemeteries, those catering to a specific religious background, veterans’ cemeteries and even eco-friendly green cemeteries. Whenever possible, it’s helpful for loved ones to select a burial location before it is needed, as this will greatly help family members and friends during an emotional time.

Cemetery Location

Traditional ground burial offers options for a wide variety of preferences, such as idyllic garden features and special areas. When you have family members in the area, you want to assure that they will have an easy way to make a peaceful visit to your final resting place. Some cemeteries even provide ways for family members to be together after they pass, with family estates that are surrounded by architectural or landscaping elements to bring families together across generations.

Rules and Requirements

When you’re selecting a cemetery plot, your funeral director should be able to help you navigate through any rules or regulations in area cemeteries. This could include any religious requirements for particular cemeteries, the type of memorial that is allowed within that space and whether companion burials are available. There are a great number of rules you’ll want to consider such as whether or not a particular cemetery allows for artificial or real flowers only, for instance.

Type of Cemetery Plot

The traditional cemetery plot that may come to mind is actually only one of the options available for your final home. There are also companion plots, where individuals may be laid to rest in the same grave, one person above the other or side-by-side. Family plots are similar to family estates, but perhaps not quite as elaborate and only include plots that are in the same area of the cemetery.

Selecting a final resting place is a very personal decision, whether it is for yourself or for a family member. Our knowledgeable Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery team brings compassion to each interaction, and we are always available to help you understand your choices.

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