Alternative Ways to Remember Your Loved One

There are so many strong emotions around the loss of a loved one that it can be difficult to think of one that will help you remember all the love and good feelings that you want to preserve. Saying goodbye takes time, but there are many creative ways to bring some normalcy back to your life while still honoring your loved one. From the time of the pyramids to today, people have looked for ways to keep memories alive in unique and meaningful ways with hobbies, keepsakes, gemstones and even memorial urns. 


Memorial Urns

If your loved one selected cremation, there are a number of options available for remembrance such as memorial urns, cremation jewelry and more. Cremation urns can be used for burial, entombment and even placement within the home and offer a creative outlet for showcasing your loved one’s particular personality and style. Not all urns are solemn or stately — contemporary options in ceramic, marble, wood and bronze are joined by new environmentally-friendly biodegradable options made for sea dispersion or scattering of ashes. Sport or hobby urns and art urns can be less formal and may be brightly-colored and include artwork or designs sculpted into unique creations for your loved one.


Cremation and Fingerprint Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a way to carry a part of your loved one with you on a daily basis. Keepsake jewelry is hand crafted to contain a small portion of cremated remains and forms a lasting remembrance of your special person. Fingerprint jewelry does not contain remains, but does have a true imprint of the deceased’s fingerprint that can also contain an engraving of your choice. 


Hobbies or Gardening

As a loved one passes, it can be difficult to consider that their impact on the world is no longer there. Keep family traditions alive by continuing their work in hobbies or gardening. As you complete a task or see new flowers or trees bloom in the spring, you’ll have a constant visual reminder of the love that your friend or family member brought to the world. Consider continuing a ministry that your loved one supported, such as serving at a local soup kitchen or knitting baby hats or toys for local hospitals. In that way, their commitment to serving lives on. 


Something as simple as lighting a candle to remember your loved one can be deeply meaningful. With the wide range of options available to you today, you’re sure to find an alternative way to honor your loved one throughout the years. When you have questions about an upcoming service or the various options for remembrance, contact the caring team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery at 480-832-2850 or via email to


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