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Are Pallbearers Necessary?

While funerals are often an emotional time, there are ways that you can involve others and help them work through feelings of sadness and loss. One of the most well-loved traditions is having pallbearers at a funeral. These individuals are those who escort or carry the casket at a funeral service. There are generally anywhere from 6-8 individuals selected, and this service is considered an honor that often goes to the closest friends and family members of your loved one. Being a pallbearer is a big responsibility and it’s vital that you select individuals who will be able to control their grief during their time of service to the family.

If You Haven’t Selected Pallbearers

There are times when you may not have selected pallbearers, or the individuals you would like to serve in this capacity are unable to make it to the funeral or are physically unable to bear the weight of the casket. In these instances, you can work with your local funeral home to assign extra employees to help perform this service. You might also work with a local church to find senior church leaders or even youth who would be able to help.

Opt Not to Use Pallbearers

Of course, there is always the option of not using pallbearers at all. In this instance, the funeral home is generally able to provide a wheeled cart or another method of transporting the casket and remains to their final destination. With this choice, you can also choose honorary pallbearers — or individuals who will be walking behind the casket but as more of an honor guard than physically bearing the weight of the casket and final remains between the memorial service and the graveside service.

While there are no hard and fast rules around choosing pallbearers, it is important to ensure that the individuals you select are physically able to perform this service during the funeral. In some faith traditions, older family members or siblings are selected and these individuals may be of an age that it becomes more difficult to be pallbearers. Do you have other questions about funeral planning? At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, our friendly and caring professionals are available to help anytime at 480-832-2850 or via email to [email protected].

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