Best Ways of Coping with Loss During the Holidays

If you’re dealing with a recent loss of a loved one, the holidays can trigger those painful emotions that you’ve already worked hard to move on from. Seeing other people out and about with their families can be difficult if yours isn’t here. Retreating inward is a natural response, but there are better ways of coping with loss during the holidays.

Stay connected socially

If you have a hobby or something you’re involved with, don’t give that up, even if you’re not feeling up to it. Group activities and being somewhere where there are people around you will help you feel connected. Better yet, invite a friend or family member to come stay with you or attend a holiday event together. If you can’t make a big commitment, go for a walk with a neighbor or friend. Keeping up with social activities will give you energy and stamina to cope with your feelings.

Honor your loved one

Whether it’s outward or inward, honoring your loved one in some way is a special part of the holidays. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it. It can be something small that’s just for you, like a special holiday ornament. You can also choose to make a holiday toast or read a remembrance poem in their honor.

Talk to someone about your loss

Especially if you’re going through a recent loss, it’s important to have someone to talk to about your feelings. It can be a friend, neighbor, family member, or a professional therapist. Some people find that a professional setting is intimidating. One casual way to start talking is to go on a walk outside with a friend. The act of walking stimulates your mind in a different way and having someone by your side rather than face-to-face is often more comforting for people.

Celebrate your own life

The holidays are a time of festive celebration. Don’t forget to embrace the feelings and traditions of the season. Live to your fullest and do things that would make your loved one smile. If your loved one was known for cooking a particular dish, try your hand at making your own legacy recipe. Know that it’s okay to honor the spirit of your loved one, while still living your own life.

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