Where Are Cremated Ashes Kept?

Each year since 2015, more Americans have chosen cremation than burial, a trend that continues to rise today. And although decedents often choose cremation confidently and peacefully, it’s common for those left behind to wonder, “What now?” after cremation.

There are a number of ways to keep the remains of your loved one to honor and remember their life.

Here are some of the ways we’ve seen cremated ashes kept:

  • Keep the ashes in a decorative urn at home, which ensures your loved one’s remains are always nearby for comfort
  • Bury an urn containing your friend or family member’s remains and mark the site with a small monument; this gives your family a place to go when they want to connect with the deceased
  • Scatter cremated remains in a place that’s meaningful to you or the person who passed away, like near your childhood home or in their favorite vacation place
  • Wear a special pendant containing ashes so your loved one is always with you; these special pieces of jewelry often become family heirlooms, passed from generation to generation
  • Incorporate the ashes of your loved one into paint for a portrait or another painting to hang at home
  • You can get a tattoo using custom ink made from the ashes of the loved one you lost, bringing new meaning to memorial tattoos
  • Plant your loved one’s ashes with the seed of a tree; in doing so, a new tree is nourished by the remains and grows as a living memorial to the one you lost

There are many, many more options available today (like incorporating remains into fireworks or scattering ashes from a plane) and more creative ideas coming to fruition through start-ups every day.

Most people consider two factors when they decide how to handle the remains of their friend or family member: 1) who were they? what did they live for?, and 2) what do I need for comfort? In asking these questions, many families choose to split the cremated ashes so that some may stay with those left behind and some may be scattered to honor the life of the deceased.

To learn more, visit Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery today. Our compassionate team can provide the guidance you need during this pivotal time.

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