Etiquette for Visiting a Gravesite

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when visiting a gravesite is that all people mourn differently. For some, the ideal visit with loved ones who have passed on is to respectfully bring flowers for a few moments and then leave. Others are perfectly comfortable bringing a picnic and having an extended chat. And some families prefer to bring children and pets and a great deal of love and laughter to the space. While no approach is more correct than others, it is always important to be respectful of the needs of others. Here’s some etiquette tips that will allow you to get the most out of your next visit without encroaching upon the needs of other visitors.


Children and Pets

Whether a leisurely stroll with an aging canine or a friendly pup tugging at its leash, pets can have a place near a gravesite. The same goes for children — all personality types are welcome, but be mindful of others and be sure to impart a few words of wisdom first. Explain to your young ones that a cemetery is often a place for reflection and peace, and shouting and jumping on gravestones is not appropriate behavior. Be sure you have a way to clean up after your pets should they need a nature break, too.


Follow the Rules

Many cemeteries and gravesite areas have specific rules posted either on their website for each location or near the entrance. These rules could contain a variety of things, such as: 

  • Visiting hours
  • Limitations on temporary grave markers or stones
  • Whether or not artificial decorations are allowed
  • Any limitations for pet visitors
  • Speed limits

Keeping these guidelines in mind will ensure that not only do you have a pleasant visit with your loved one, but others will appreciate your thoughtfulness as well. 

Most importantly, don’t think of gravesite visitation guidelines as rules to restrict your visit. Instead, they are a way of ensuring that each visitor is able to commune with loved ones in their own way. Do you have questions about the visitation recommendations for Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery? Contact our friendly and caring associates at 480-832-2850 to learn more.

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