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The unthinkable happened, and you’ve lost a loved one. While you work through the emotions leading up to a funeral, you may be feeling lost and alone or you may be fortunate enough to be part of a large and strong family group and feel as though you’ve been enveloped in love and support. Unfortunately, once the funeral arrangements are over and all of the relatives and friends have returned home–you’re still left with the prospect of life without your loved one. How do you take the next step and help your family return to the new normal?


Understanding Grief

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that there’s no right or wrong method to grieving. This is not an orderly or predictable process, and it can hit different people in a variety of ways. While it sounds like a trite suggestion, the best thing you can do is provide love and space for each other to grieve and be there ready with a hug when you each need it. Grief isn’t always a pretty emotion and can bring out the worst in some. Children may act out (adults, too!), but keep in mind the root cause behind the behavior is very often loss.


Be Genuine

It can be incredibly difficult to figure out what to say to someone during the process of funeral arrangements, memorial service and ultimately burial or cremation. After the fact, it may seem even more awkward. However, being genuine is always the best option. Express offers of support or just jump in and help–family members may be too shell-shocked to understand what their needs are, but it’s likely that you have a good idea what they are. Help support each other on a daily basis and stay in close contact to help others avoid depression.

Funeral arrangements and the funeral are only the start of a challenging and emotional time for the family. However, when you are able to openly acknowledge feelings, be willing to sit with each other in silence and love you’ll know that you’re beginning to heal. Should you need support or have questions throughout the memorial process, contact our compassionate team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery.

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