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Should You Attend?

One of the first questions we hear are people wondering whether or not they should attend a funeral service at all. When you hear that someone you have a connection with has passed on, the first inclination may be to ask about their funeral and visitation. It can be a huge comfort to the family during a funeral to look out and see rows of people who came to support them and their lost loved one. However, some families do prefer to keep the memorial service itself private. Asking the family or our funeral concierge service members what the preference is for a particular family is always appreciated.

Arrive Early

There are a few times in life where it is the obligation of the guests to arrive early–possibly much earlier than you want to–in order to keep from any chance of interrupting the service: weddings and funerals. During these two beautiful events in our lives, the family deserves the full attention of guests and does not need to be distracted by people who come in late and need to rush to be seated.

Be Respectful

While you may wish to seek out the family to share condolences before the service, watch for cues from others before you approach. If the family is generally gathered towards the front and tends to stay clustered together, they may taking comfort from each other and find it painful to have to speak with others during this time. Be sure to sign the guest book so they are aware that you attended, but you do not want to push to greet them to show your presence. Again, if you have any questions, simply ask our friendly funeral concierge service team members and they will be able to provide you with assistance if you are bringing flowers, cards or small gifts as well.

Providing support to a family when they are going through a life transition is one of the most compassionate things you can do as a friend or remote family member. Although your presence may or may not be acknowledged on that day, rest assured that you will be remembered for taking the time to spend your precious time with their loved one. When the time comes for you to attend or plan a memorial, our funeral concierge service is available to help you find flowers, answer questions or simply arrange for transportation.

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