Meaningful and Moving Funeral Songs for a Baby

The idea of losing a baby is unthinkable and can cause a range of strong emotions. It’s not unusual for these feelings to come to the forefront during a funeral or memorial service, but you can provide comfort and meaning to your loved ones by sharing a special funeral song during this time of deep grieving. Here are a few funeral songs that families have played throughout the ages to help work through their grief at the loss of such an innocent soul.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Many people have positive thoughts when they hear the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as sung by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. The soothing notes wash over mourners as they realize that there are blue skies, rainbows and lots of love surrounding the family.

Tears in Heaven

Inspired by the loss of his 4-year-old son, Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven evokes the mourning that every family feels when facing the loss of a little one. This poignant ballad is one that is sure to bring tears — but also smiles.

God’s Will

Martina McBride’s song shares the story of a young mother who lost her son way too young — reflecting back on the time that she did have with him. This particular song evokes the idea that children may only be loaned to us for a short period of time to be enjoyed as long as possible.

Amazing Grace

While there are many hymns that can add comfort to families during the loss of a loved one, few are as timeless as Amazing Grace. Christian families will be reminded of the grace of an all-knowing God, and the lyrics and cadence are comforting for individuals of all religious backgrounds.

Finding just the right funeral songs for the loss of a baby is one that is likely to bring forth strong emotions and a great deal of sadness for the family. These are only a few of the hymns and popular songs that may provide comfort to loved ones seeking understanding after an unthinkable loss. The caring and compassionate individuals at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery are available to help you design the ideal funeral or memorial service for your loved ones. Contact us today at 480-832-2850 or via email to

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