Find Inspiration From These Famous Eulogies

An individual’s eulogy may be one of the last public opportunities to share what you adored about your loved one to a large group, and you want to make it extremely special. While this may feel like a lot of pressure, it’s good to know that your eulogy doesn’t have to be elaborate, highly-structured or even very long to be effective. Some of the most stirring tributes only lasted a few moments but were able to encapsulate a lifetime for listeners. Here are a few famous eulogies to provide inspiration as you begin writing.

Inspirational and Aspirational

For a tiny, 8-year old girl, Bindi Irwin gave her famous father Steve Irwin a send-off for the ages. Not only did she praise his work while he was alive, but she also shared how she and her family would be continuing his work with endangered wildlife through his zoo and foundation.

In Praise of Optimism

Apart from being engaging and amusing, Tim Russert’s eulogy by his son praised his unending optimism and faith in the human spirit. Luke Russert first introduced the idea of Tim’s never-ending positivity and then illustrated it with multiple examples during his time on the earth. Listeners were treated to several stories that they may not have heard in the past, but that certainly warmed their hearts.

A Private Moment

What do you do if the subject of your eulogy is a famously private individual, such as Steve Jobs? While to the public eye he was often a distant figure, he truly came to life in the words of his sister, Mona Simpson. In this case, her heartfelt eulogy allowed future generations to see the power of his work in a different light.

Each of these manners of eulogy are different, but they all provided insight into the individuals who had passed and truly shared what they meant to the loved ones left behind. When you’re writing a eulogy, there are no set rules or standards that you have to follow. Simply follow your heart and share a small slice of how you were impacted by the life of your loved one. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, our compassionate funeral directors and staff are available to help answer any questions during the funeral planning process at 480-832-2850 or via email to

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