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Questions to Ask When You Are Selecting a Funeral Home

Thinking of funerals is not something people like to do. Death often makes us feel uncomfortable, causing us to put off difficult topics until it is absolutely necessary. When you are selecting a funeral home, there are several important considerations such as whether your belief systems are a match, location for interment or cremation and the culture of the staff.


Does the Funeral Home Offer Respectful and Compassionate Care?


The staff at your chosen funeral home should be caring and respectful, proactively providing you with the information you will need in the future. Very few people enter a funeral home knowing all the questions that should be asked. You can be comfortable knowing that the trustworthy team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery will keep your needs in mind at each step of your journey.


Does it Cater to a Variety of Beliefs?


America is an incredible melting pot of diversity, and nowhere is that more obvious than when you are selecting a funeral home. From our Garden of Latter-day Saints to the elevated lawn crypts that are ideal for many faiths, what is important is finding somewhere that you and your loved ones feel comfortable visiting now and in the future.


Do They Offer Traditional and Contemporary Services?


Your funeral ceremony is unique and personal — no two services are exactly alike. Look for a funeral home that provides a range of personal services and offers no judgment on how you would like to celebrate your loved one. Everything from a full military funeral to a quiet ceremony under the trees is available.


Does the Funeral Home Offer Cremation or Ground Burial?


If you prefer cremation, be sure that you are working with a funeral home that will treat the body of your loved one with all the respect that they deserve through each step of the process. An onsite crematory is often preferable, as it further protects the remains. Look for a funeral home and cemetery that provide both ground burial and a mausoleum.

At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, our wide range of offerings allows us to cater to the needs of many individuals in the Mesa, Arizona area. Contact us today at 480-832-2850 or via email to [email protected] 

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