Popular Places to Scatter Ashes

Scattering the ashes of your loved one who has been cremated has great significance. You’re returning their body to its home in the earth, which can symbolize a feeling of freedom or demonstrate the never-ending circular nature of our world. There are many different locations where you can scatter ashes, but some of the most popular areas are on the beach, from a mountaintop or near a favorite area on private property.

Scatter Ashes in Water

Scattering ashes in the water not only provides family members with a powerful memory of their time together but can also be a beautiful way to remember your loved one. If you’re looking for something a bit more elaborate and formal, consider adding flower petals or utilize an urn that is in a shape that evokes the ocean. You can also find biodegradable urns that allow you to watch your loved one’s ashes slowly float away.

Release Ashes on Private Property

Just as with scattering ashes in the ocean, there are no laws forbidding you from releasing the ashes of a loved one on private property. If there is a special meadow, tree or field that had immense meaning to the departed, this allows friends and family to visit this space and feel as though they are communing with their lost loved one.

Scattering Gardens

Scattering gardens are a beautiful setting for releasing the ashes of your loved one. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, our scattering garden is serene and peaceful, providing the ideal space for quiet contemplation. Also known as a cremation garden, we have a variety of well-kept spaces available to house the final remains of your loved one.

Cremation is a choice for your loved one and our staff ensure that your loved one receives all of the care and respect that they deserve throughout the cremation process and beyond. Contact any of our Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery professionals today by calling 480-832-2850 or send an email to [email protected] to learn more or begin the planning process for a funeral.

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