What to Wear to a Summer Funeral

Summer can be extremely hot and sticky in various parts of the country, and few spots in the country are hotter than Arizona. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we are very familiar with the temperature extremes that occur in this area, and the challenges that they present. While a dark-colored suit, dress or skirt is accepted attire for funerals everywhere, there are some tweaks that you can make to your attire for a summer funeral while still showing care and consideration for the family.

Lighten Up — A Bit

Instead of heavy black or dark blue wool suits, it’s perfectly acceptable to go with a tan or darker brown shade in a lighter and more summery material. Look for materials such as cotton and linen that are lightweight and breathable but still crisp-looking and cool.

Stick to Full Coverage for the Ladies

Even though you’re going with less of a heavyweight in terms of material weight, that doesn’t mean you should uncover more skin. Keep things classy by covering your shoulders and wearing skirts that come at least to your knees. Ladies should look for dresses that flow easily and aren’t too form-fitting. A summer funeral is definitely not the time to draw attention with a flashy print or bright colors.

Simplicity is Best for a Summer Funeral

Even accessories should be kept as simple as possible, with jewelry being understated. The one exception is for women who prefer to wear a hat to the funeral. It’s traditional that women wear large, floppy-brimmed hats to funerals but baseball caps and other headwear should be avoided.

Keeping cool while finding an outfit that shows your respect for a loss can certainly be a balancing act, but your loved ones will appreciate your consideration. Keep your outfit neat and tidy (and look for a fan!). The thoughtful staff members at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery have decades of experience working with grieving families. You can ask us any question by calling 480-832-2850 or contact us via email to [email protected].

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