Family Funeral Home

One of life’s most challenging trials is losing a loved one, and our caring and compassionate staff stands ready to help support you and your family–just our family funeral home has helped thousands of families since 1951. If you live in the Valley area, you have likely participated in a funeral at Mountain View Funeral Home and have seen first-hand how we work closely with the family to make sure every detail is handled yet stay in the background during this difficult time.

When Death Occurs

The first few hours after a passing can feel as though they are packed full of details: where to hold the service, removal of the body, what you need for the obituary, paperwork needed for final arrangements–and this may be the time when you feel the least well-equipped to handle everything coming at you. With more than fifty years of experience, the family-owned Mountain View Funeral Home staff can walk you through what you need to handle and when you need to handle it so you will not be overwhelmed.

Family First

Our family funeral home exists for one reason–to help you care for your family during this difficult time. We actively look for ways to reduce your stress levels, and our staff provides you with options that stay within your budget without you having to ask. Even our concierge service is designed to provide you with the best possible service without introducing pressure.

Consistent, Quality Care

We have been providing quality care on a consistent basis to families for generations. Throughout that time, we have passed down regional knowledge such as what you will need for traditional funerals, and how family members in the area know each other and intertwine. Everything we do is geared towards making your time with us as stress-free and positive an experience as possible, considering the circumstances.

Choosing a family funeral home is a big commitment–you need to know that you’re going to be treated well and that you will be in a trusted and loving environment. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers all that and more–we offer the love and understanding that comes with generations of family members passing down a love for community.

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