Options For Arizona Gravesite Decorations

Many people choose to place gravesite decorations on their loved one’s plot when they visit the cemetery. If your loved one is buried in the Mesa or Phoenix area, you’ll need decor that can stand up to the sun and dry heat. This means you may be limited in the kinds of flowers or other items you can use. However, you still have plenty of unique options.

Stick to the Guidelines

Most cemeteries have rules for the kinds of items you can leave on a grave. For example, you cannot leave anything that interferes with maintenance. You may also need to remove fresh flowers when they become unsightly or out of season. You can avoid hassles by learning the guidelines before leaving anything behind.

Grave Ornaments for Desert Conditions

Here are some suggestions for desert-tolerant grave ornaments:

  • Artificial flowers – these are a great choice because of the variety and low maintenance.
  • Cactuses – a cactus or other succulent gives you the beauty of a natural plant along with extreme hardiness.
  • Shepherd’s hooks – if your cemetery allows these, choose drought-resistant plants to hang on them. Plumeria, columbine, and salvia resist fading and can take the desert heat.
  • Grave lights – these are available in solar-powered versions, which are ideal for Arizona’s plentiful sunlight. You can find them with crosses, praying hands, or even shaped like an angel.
  • Flags – American flags are common gravesite ornaments. Fade-resistant gravesite flags are widely available.
  • Statues and stones – grave statues are sturdy, low-maintenance, and available in all types. Choose a traditional angel, or have a stone engraved with a meaningful message.

Grave ornaments add beauty to your loved one’s plot as well as the whole cemetery landscape. Choose tasteful pieces and check on them regularly. If you’re planning to use our beautiful Phoenix area cemetery here at Mountain View Funeral Home, contact us to find out about your options for grave decorations.

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