Different Types of Wording for Memorial Donations

It is extremely difficult to find the words of comfort that you want to share with friends or family members when they have lost a loved one. While nothing you can say will take away the pain, there are some phrases that let your loved one know that they are in your thoughts. Making a donation on behalf of the individual who has passed on is an increasingly popular way of showing respects. Here are some examples of wording for memorial donations that you can use to tactfully let the family know that you have given a financial donation to a charitable organization or other memorial gifts.

Should I Mention My Memorial Donation?

Many of us are used to the practice of sending flowers, and family members appreciate viewing the beautiful displays and reading the cards to know who was sending warm thoughts. However, memorial gifts are increasingly given online, and there may not be a physical representation of your gift available at the funeral, and notifications may not go to the family. In this instance, it is perfectly acceptable to mention to the family that you have made a donation on behalf of their loved one.

Suggested Phrases for Your Memorial Donation

The funeral service and visitation may not be the best time to mention that a gift was given, as these are often a blur for the family. A better option may be to mail a small note to their attention after the service, letting them know about the gift that was given. Here are some phrases that you can use as thought starters for your note.

  • In honor of your loved one, we have sent a contribution to the American Cancer Society. You should hear from them soon.
  • Our family grieves with you during the loss of your loved one. Due to his deep love of animals, we have made an ongoing monthly contribution to the local Humane Society in his name so the dogs that he enjoyed so much in life will have a second chance to find a home.
  • During this difficult time, our family wanted to support your spiritual home for all of the care that they have given to you over the years. Our gift will help continue the life-giving missions your loved one cared so much about.

While it can be difficult to find the words to share comfort and gratitude for a life well-lived, the family will appreciate you taking the time to make a memorial donation. When you have questions about funeral planning, contact the friendly and caring professionals at Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery by calling 480-832-2850 or via email to wecare@mvfuneralhome.com.

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